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(no subject) [Aug. 3rd, 2010|12:00 am]

(no subject) [Feb. 18th, 2009|12:05 pm]
[Current Mood |calmcalm]

decided that there are too many bad memories here.
i just want to run away and i just want a happier me. (:

and story continues at


(no subject) [Feb. 17th, 2009|04:22 pm]
[Current Mood |enragedenraged]

fakerism shit.
yes. you.
BITCH. i dun like you.

shuttup and FUCK OFF for all i care.
you know very well who you are.


# ya back at CNY CHU 5 (: [Feb. 10th, 2009|04:44 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]

okays. lets go all the way back to chu5 (:
the door of you're in or just OUT!
emm.. sad to sae, i could not answer their question.
sorry. i only went for the outing once you see. ):
so i decided to stay and mingle more with them.. and camwhoring was the outcome!
apparantly, my reliez ppl love camwhoring with their laptops....
LOL! thus... im only left with the lingyu's one and the programmer ALEX's

me lingyu and hakim tried making the FAs laugh by doing weird faces at the glass while they were interviewing and we succeeded!! HAHAHA! COOL.

somehow or wad, this mr goh got this habit of calling me DAJIE now. I FEEL DAMN OLD! NOOOOOO!! ):
took a polaroid shot tho
then it was like... dinner and HOME (:

cabbed to laoda's house with jerry (:
reached like damn early please. like only geng yi was there. THANKS.
its like being abandoned there while mr jerry happily chit chat and play with his GIRLFRIEND huh. LOL!
but it was way better when my girls came to my rescue! HURHURHUR! (:



its like gambling all the way in laoda's house lorhs. a totally gambling den feel. WOAHS.
lost $5 in total. emmm.. quarrelled with Cheryl tho. BUT AIYARRR!!! this kind of things, sort it out jiu okays ler. I LOVE CHERYL ALOT STILL (:
and i felt quite song cheating mr eric like as if we haven reconciled. its S-O-N-G SONG! :D

cabbed all the way to meiwei's house!! ITS LIKE YO! I NEED TO SEE MY ARMY BOYS!!! (:
i did not regret my choice of chionging over!! SERIOUSLY! hahahaha. its damn damn damn nice to see dexter ng zhong hong like please (:
and amazingly we fitted in to the colour codes of the day! HAHAHA! :D

mahjong-ed on bumble bee's behalf!! OMGOMGOMG!!! its damn SONG! cuz i MAN-TAI won! WOOTS! :D
yar larh.. the bumble bee ps-ed for music and dance and drinks. EEYER! hahaha. dun wry.  I LOVE YOU STILL (:

awww. lets steamboat soon can!? WITH ME AROUND AND TWINNY TOO! :D
i cant imagine the laughter.
can you imagine the army boys singing army cheers and cheers that lasted damn long ago or even songs.

CUI DIAOS... why!? cuz message not spread properly.
im gonna go to one corner and draw circles like YAR.. ):
nvm. next one would be better ):


(no subject) [Feb. 10th, 2009|03:45 am]
[Current Mood |contentcontent]

ARHHHH! this is gonna cut in sooner than other posts!
so i dun care (:

its like

bought mummy a cake after sending off SHAWN TAN @ the airport!
DUHH.. its like TAKE CARREEESS! (:

O anyway, my mummy is cute right!? :D
even though she is in hospital.
I very sweet sweet her okies!? bought her a diamond pendant for birthday! its like... CANNN.. she smile damn sweet at the diamond. OKAYS. then she said she lacked of one diamond bracelet.. mummy... CAN... next year. when im more RICH. (:

its like papa and mummy damn comical. esp papa.. ALL KINDS OF PATTERN OSO HAVE..
are you really as old as you seem!? HAHAHA!


Oooo.. dun worry jiejie. you are my love too! esp. if you are willing to share with me mummy's present! im willing to kiss you all over ur face! :D

okays. bought 4D the other day! WOOOOH.. papa sae i got 2 numbers almost won. EEYER.
i bought jiejie and my bday seperately...
its like 2789, 7786
come out... 7772 ):
and i bought my house plate number 1074 came out.... 1704... IRRITATING.
and i bought $1.... so cannot win anything!!

hopes my mummy loves me many many many!!! HAHAHA!
and faster get out of that bloody hospital =x


# MY HEART HURTS AND IM REALLY DRAINED UP! ): [Feb. 5th, 2009|02:56 am]
[Current Mood |crushedcrushed]

mummy hospitalised this morning in an ambulance.
damn sad to the max. its like the first thing i know when i reached home this morning.

2 days lacking of sleep. projecting non-stop.
presentation and project cock-up. mind blank out.
screwed up big time.

and some news that i only found out today.
twinny totally made my heart broke. idiot.
you broke my heart for being too sensible and suffered everything alone.
no more such thing please. I CRIED LARH.
idiot. ):
i hope you love the kaldeiscope okays?
smile like the sunflower and look into it whenever you are not happy (:
too bad, there really was no orange kaldeiscope. if not i wud have gotten one for you.

visited mummy after presentation
PAIN. P-A-I-N. mummy had lots of needles poked into her.
after hours of discussion, doctors decided to have operation on her.
F. PAIN. i swear. esp. the moment when mummy was being pushed away from us into the operation theatre. Our fears....

doc said it had smth to do with her previous op which i had in mind was like near 20years ago when mummy gave birth to me. sickening guilty and feeling bad now.. ):

its just weird without mummy at home tonight.
im waiting for the call from hospital to ensure mum is alright and ops has finished.
its not coming yet. ):

(no subject) [Feb. 5th, 2009|02:50 am]
[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]

appetite is droppping drastically.

2 mouths of maggie mee could just make my day.
4 mouths of vitasoy made my breakfast.
3 pieces of sushi made my lunch.
1 plaster prata made my supper.

anything else more than this, i'd just vomit.
dun ask me why.
i think my mood is affecting my appetite.

# STOP THEM FROM FLOWING [Feb. 2nd, 2009|01:42 am]
[Current Mood |draineddrained]

i really had the impulse to cut away all connections throwing my handphone away, smashing it making a clear cut with everyone and run away at that moment.
what would have happened if i did so?

totally drained. i have had enough of nonsenses for just one day.
just shuddup and give me my peace.

tired of being a bitch that im not known to be.

# IM STILL ABIT EMO-ING BUT CAN... [Feb. 1st, 2009|04:11 am]
[Current Mood |hungryhungry]

it doesnt matter to me anymore.
there is no answer to who is right or wrong.
i give up.
i tried to gloat over the misfortune and tried my best to be the most chek ark person ever..
and i failed miserably.
its just not my characters. not ME.
after the anger subsided, im feeling sad over the misfortune instead.

fuck. wad kind of person am i!? omg.
dun understand my brain please.
i just cant bring myself to hate them.


xi wang ni men guo de gen hao.
wo hui xue zhe wang ji (((:

i need to chiong finish my individual assignment asap.
if not cannot play tml le.



# HERE GOES MY CHU3 (((: [Jan. 29th, 2009|03:34 pm]
[Current Mood |moodymoody]

its like a happy rayna house day!
except that i didnt eat dao MY MUAH CHEEE...

met up with fy, fion, xz and meiwei before heading over to twinny's house! (:
mango conflakes bubble-tea-d and bought oranges and sat on the bus. its like a damn long journey... felt like sleeping lorhs =x
bitched about almost everyone. thru the use of internet and blogs. HURHURHUR.
its like F-U-N. wheeeeeee... :D

and i tried to take candid shots. and this was wad happened.

as you can see.. twinny was doing her reflection paper and she turned and posed. -.- Fion was sms-ing... FY was msn-ing!!!! and xz was actually blanking out at the back while i act as tho im taking photos of myself and MEIWEI WAS PLAYING WITH FY'S PHONE!!! okays. win liaos.


although there is no collage of FY. AIYAR NVM LUH! LOL!
he dunnid me to love also! LOL! hoh!? :D
aiyar.. u better go and see the "tie-da" if not i'll DA you.

its like SATURDAY and SUNDAY!! :D

#AND HERE GOES MY CHU1 (: [Jan. 28th, 2009|03:23 pm]
[Current Mood |sillysilly]

its like... can! i shocked to my senses while i was sleeping.
i thought i was late for lesson!! TUTORIAL!
okays but lucky me, it turns out that there is no tutorial today

and first stop, paternal's side 3rd Uncle's HOUSE! :D

its like okays. Wilson bro was my biggest entertainment over there! hurhur!
suan him till like no tml. omg. sry cousin! you are the best okays!? (((:

JingLiang Cousin started debating and advising me of my future career and things about banquet. LOL! HE SAE HE IS DAMN FIERCE ONE! cuz jingwei didnt dare to go back furama and work for him after one time. its like OKAYS... wahhh. I DUNNO!

then like till 4plus 5plus, headed over to popo house
emm.. out of nowhere, a hongwen primary school popped out on the green green field covering my primary school may primary. SAD DE. ):

i swear this new year is damn tiring. i dunno why cuz i just felt like sleeping on the mrt and even when i walked to my popo house. ITS DAMN DRAINING. was it becuz i woke up early? O.o

a sudden random mass camwhore with the cousins and everyone at popo house.

the BIG kids (:

its like the BIG kids parents. popo's kids! hahaha! :D


Biao-ge Ben was my another source of entertainment for the day talking about alcohol, cameras and army life! HAHAHAHA. and yar. MY CAREER AGAIN! its like everyone suggest that i go for uni. =.= I DUNNO LUH.. i lost touch with words u know!? -.-

okays. this is my popo! :D eh, mummy loves her alot alot but she seldom has the chance to like u know spend time with her. WOOO... not like last time. we live just the opp. block. (: popo sae when we have time must go visit her. EMMMM.... I'll try my best (:

provided that biao-ge is around! or jiejie! i buay tahan being there alone! my canto sucks! LOL! and i cannot be deprived of E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T.

DUH. its like my family please!
i love mummy and papa to the M-A-X. although i never showed much concern and spend too much time with them. although i dun listen to their instructions but i know they LOVE me (:

I'm waiting.
waiting for me to grow up more so i could earn more money and shower my parents with loads of things that they wanted! I SWEAR MY FIRST OFFICIAL PRESENT FOR THEM AFTER I ENTER SOCIETY IS LIKE TICKETS TO HONGKONG! (((:

Their only trip was like their honeymoon which was 23years ago. ):
and its hongkong. haha. okays papa mummy! wait for ur present okays!? ((:

yea.. my jiejie and i camwhored for most of the day. and its like so many of them looks repeated kind! HAHAHA!
then it was off to laoda's house and gamble after that.
super random. our initial idea was to go and drink de lorhs =.=
but okays luh.

i never gamble (:
its like lucky i nv gamble please. i help ahwong lose all the way! LOL! okays luh. not so bad. i won a few rounds (:
i've gt the bad hand to gamble so nonono.
then it was followed with a serangoon prata and home sweet home (:

okays. heading to school now to meet fy =x
twinny! IM COMING :D

# I FEEL LIKE A FOOL.. ): [Jan. 28th, 2009|03:57 am]
[Current Mood |crushedcrushed]

i find humans scary.
and the more i find society SCARY.
i dunno who you are.
you feel like total stranger to me.

but then again.
who am i to judge you?

thanks for knocking the REALITY into me.
were we really even friends?

stupid or naive?

if i can turn the time back.
i'd choose not to know you. AT ALL.

I choose not to tear for you anymore.
you are not worth it.

# HAPPY CHINESE MOO MOO YEAR (: [Jan. 27th, 2009|04:12 pm]

first and for all!!
this is so supposed to be a HAPPY POST..
but im feeling damn right the opposite to post a happy post now..
OKAYS... like lesser words and more photos for this then. sorry peeps. =/

emm.. clubbed the day before 23rd JAN 2009 yo :D

decided that it was too long since i club and i realli missed the RnB music.. so.. WHY NOT!? (:
partied with my lovelies and did lots of nonsense shit. (:
saw alot of familiar faces inclusive of my ex crush nicholas fung.
wah kaos. he is suprising me with loads of stunts please.
kissing with this unknown hot girl which he saes he dunno who. ITS LIKE OKAYS CAN...
i had an eyeful of those scenes and i just cant stop laughing. :D
thanks for being my entertainment arh... (:
derek was seen there too! but FY gt super many friends there please.
heheheh...  (:

and then it was like the year 3s outing on 24th (:
showing you the most classic photos i have in my camera! :D

i know kandis girlfriend is so gonna kill me for this! hahaha.
but this is damn nan de (:
u were realli trying hard to show ur cleavage. I CAN SEE.. HAHAHAHA!
no luh! no matter wad i still loves you!

Year 3s loves! (:
okays they captain-balled 4 times and i played twice...
and i failed miserably to snatch the ball and throw it.
the sand was damn coarse please. hurting my feet like mad!
anyway the attendance was not that bad right!? :D

and girls being girls, we love to camwhore (:

and more camwhoring (:

and these were the shots by the guys..
its like HEYS COME ON!! MOVE A LITTLE!! hahaha.
and being not creative in taking pictures, the girls deprived them of taking more shots! HAHAHA.

and then we had this task to take monthsary babies photos!
apparently i only had the july ones.

emmm.. while resting on the sand there was this group of guys approaching us. one in a pinky kind of angel outfit with words like HI IM GETTING MARRIED ON BLAH BLAH BLAH! they had this task to recite this blessing cheer to people in either chinese or english version and they recorded it. reckon they are doing this for the wedding montage? (: thats like awww so sweet.

have been seeing montages but never really encountered them. ahahaha. omg. seriously, CONGRATULATIONS and BLESSINGS (:

headed off to rooftop for dinner. (((: THEY HAD THEIRS OF CUZ...
i had to leave for reunion dinner. DAMN.
dun realli like the idea of reunion dinner. dun ask me why.
cuz i feel its all fakerism shit.

we are there cuz we have to be there, not that we want to be there.
HAIS. if only its real. i wud really enjoy the dinner.
imagine eating with restrictions and laughing blankly at "suan-ings"

yea yea.. if i knew earlier i just skip the dinner and eat with my friends (:
went back to vivo and joined them after the dinner with a ride from my 7th uncle like realli thanks a million!
and off they were to grapevine after that (:
its nice discussing about those secret activities and such.
HURHUR. do you sense a plot? :D

its like thanks JOHN.. im a year1. THANKS THANKS THANKS.
the night was funny with those pronounciation mistakes we made.
tequlia sunrise vs tequila sunshine
and many many more :D

LOVES to the M-A-X.
can we have more of such outings?
free ride home by adrian and thanks to like weng for leading the way to my home.
HAHAHAHA. did i tell anyone im a road idiot!?
yes.. i dun even rmb which route to take to reach home!
like can is can.

OKAYS... its like chinese new year post next.
im editing the photos. (:
DIE... handing in on friday -.-


(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2009|03:35 am]

its like OKAYS CAN...
i never intend to curse you in the first place yo.
it was a joke larhhh!!! :D

and okays. i assumed you had fun. (:
and so welcome back to your COUNTRY and YOUR OFFICE TABLE and HERE READING MY BLOG.
not cursing you hoh...

Chinese New Year is sooo damn efff-ing near the corner...
and im still stuck with my 1 individual project and 1 marketing project AWFULLY... with only a little bit started off.. *SHAKES HEAD* this is damn no good ):
that means like my new year eve and Saturday is meant for.. PROJECTING all the way if i wanna enjoy my new year.

and new year clothes are like FORCEFULLY BOUGHT -.-
and i implusively bought alot. OKAYSSS... im seriously bankrupted. I SWEAR.
you are not gonna believe this but i went shopping with cheryl dear and maybelle girlfriend (:

yea.. and this silly girlfriend keep on moaning she had been to far east for the third time and there is little to buy and next moment... SHE IS PACKED WITH 2 BIG BAGS. like thanks to cheryl! LOL!
ooo... CHERYL is yet another big spender today! HURHUR!

AHMAGAWD. you all gotta like take a good look at her please.

its like can. CAMWHORED in the cab with girlfriend on the way home (:

AHHHHHHHH... my heart is kind of PAIN to the A-B-C-D please.
TWO BIG BAGS.... 2 pair of heels which i have no idea how to pair with my new year clothes yet and i bought superbly many TOPS and i realise... I ONLY BOUGHT ONE BOTTOM.. highwaist de sommore. GOOD... that means cannot pair with alot of my TOPS. good job. -.-

its like WOOOOO... im egg-cited please. I MISS CLUBBING to the M-A-X. nono. as in the songs only. (: gonna head over to phuture for a little while and head back home and finish rest of my PROJECTTTTTing.

at least i had fun =/

went to help out with Girlfriend Maybelle's event at Goodwood Park Hotel last friday! (:

 that would be like 16012009 (:
aren't i a sweet girl to stay throughout the event!? :D
and all i rmb was hand was filled with glitter!!
its like.... CAN..... I TOUCHED PPL'S BREAST, NECK, FACE already CAN.
i help them do tattoos MARH! its not like i want to eat their tofu please.
but (((((: im just glad they love it yo! :D

P.S. they even asked if my occupation is a make-up artist!! :D i think i got the talent! LOLOLOL!

and a super random shot.
thanks to either april or arron! LOL!

im sure you wun get to see anymore studious apple than this.
its like.... I WAS PREPARING FOR PRESENTATION!!! and they were playing with my handphone. CAN.

9am lesson and im hanging here and BLOG.
im damn smart. (:

im controlling damn well. (:

(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2009|01:18 am]

okays.. bro called from india and is still chatting with me from 12 18am till now! LOLOLOLOL!
and we kept drawing non-stop to each other! HAHAH!
bro gave me an ang bao of $10 at first yo..
and i complained little.. so he gave me..

another "zero" making it into 100! LOL!

and my lovable bro drew me TOO....

i believe im more prettier THO! HAHAHAHAHA!
but its like LOVES LARH BRO!

okays.. its like.. he tried realli hard to write chinese words ah.. :D
but he dunno how to write support in chinese. AND I FORGT TOO! SAE YAYES! :D
okays.. back to convo! ;p

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